Youth Groups

Youth Groups

We are known as Y.I.M or Youth in Mission. When we gather together, we focus on fun and fellowship through the word of God. We meet Sunday evenings throughout the year but once a month a special fellowship outing is planned. We even have our own room!

We even have our own room!

There are times when Y.I.M will look forward to retreats like Breakout and Excel. This is where we can spend the whole weekend focused on a personal journey with Christ. It also allows us time be with other kids like ourselves as we experience this special time.

A confirmation class is offered for any young disciples who might want to explore becoming members of the Maplewood Parkway Methodist Church. Confirmation class is an additional commitment from Y.I.M and meets at a different time.

All middle school through high school students are welcome to join in on the fun and fellowship of Y.I.M. Not part of MPMC? No problem, everyone is welcome to be part of the Y.I.M!