Do onto others……

Outreach is alive and well at MPMC. Locally, nationally and globally there are opportunities to serve our Lord. By addressing food insecurity, need of adequate shelter, access to education, and compassion for the most vulnerable among us we are ready to serve. Working in support of local organizations as well as our own activities we continue reach out to our local community in service.

Examples of outreach:

  • Open Door Mission
  • Code Blue Shelter of Glens Falls
  • Moreau Community Food Pantry
  • Habitat for Humanities
  • Heifer Project
  • Christmas Giving Tree
  • Local Nursing Homes
  • House of Grace
  • Wait House
  • CROP Walk
  • High Peaks Hospice
  • Pine Ridge Reservation

Come and join us as we serve our Lord.

As you would have done unto you.” Luke 6:31