Parish Health


Comfort thy people, says your God.” Isaiah 40:1

The Parish Health Ministry is a program that encourages an individual’s physical, spiritual and psycho-social well-being in the context of his or her relationship with God, family, neighbor and health care provider. Through this program you can develop ways to address personal needs that tap into resources of nurturing health, wellness and healing of body, mind and spirit. The goal is to enhance the quality of life in every stage of life, with the church as a place of healing. This is a spiritual journey seeking help with education, facilitate advocacy, referrals to resources and guidance navigating through health care issues and the complex health care system.

The Parish Health Ministry Team does not provide hands-on or perform invasive procedures, and is not a home care agency. They do not replace or replicate the services of your Healthcare Provider, nor of the agencies and resources available in the community. Instead, they refer you to the appropriate resource, or help you determine a plan of action for selfcare that includes spiritual care to bring you to a place of peace.

Ways to Contact the Parish Health Ministry Team:

Call the church office between 9am-1pm / Mon-Thru (518) 793-1152

Speak privately to a Parish Health Ministry Team or Stephen Minister Team Member